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Why Blogging is a Direct Response Marketing Tactic That Works

Blogging is a direct response marketing tactic

Blogs. The work of some guy in his PJs? Wrong. Today many dynamic websites are built on blog platforms such as Typepad and SquareSpace. Blogs offer an affordable and easy to use alternative to expensive and dated HTML sites. But today’s websites are all about SEO – search engine optimization. Blogs can also be online publications – allowing for a news feed of interesting and relevant content. And unique content online is king. It moves your site up on Google, and gives you a competitive edge.

Another issue is that many organizations send their news straight to social media sites such as Facebook – but you are a tenant at will on those sites - and the rules change every week – and often not in your favor. Why invest assets in real estate you can never own and where the rules shift beneath you – post to a blog you can own, and push the news out to your social media site – but always leading home to your website – now that is smart marketing!

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