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SEO, what it means to blog for eyeballs

The time is right to tell your unique story - its character, and the people and places that make it a great! Use your time to tell stories through blog posts on the web – with the goal of cultivating the brand and building SEO. And, we will work to invite more writers to do impactful stories on the region. What you can write would help to build a district brand differentiator for your destination.

So start with a new blog - and prepare an editorial calendar. Then start to update and edit articles so that you can program in blog posts to run every few days. These posts can be pushed out via Facebook and Twitter – and will help to improve the website SEO.

Using the Google Keyword Popularity Tool we will conduct keyword research to better understand which keywords drive the most traffic to the region. This will ensure we are using popular keywords that best suit the chamber and it members.

Plus, you can also use AdWords to search for the keywords strings that are most likely to be searched. Adding the right terms will give you local search results to review, plus some ideas for blog posts that fit what people are looking for. Using the keywords we enter, Google will bring up a list of other relevant keywords that were searched recently. That is what you use to build blogs.

Next, you choose topics and write posts, choosing the right keyword, and then include it in the post permalink, title, and first sentence.

SEO growth starts when you identify one keyword to focus on, then put it in the permalink, page title, and page description as well as in the body of a post a few times, in a relevant, useful way. Then you get the blog in front of the right eyes, build SEO, and links. You should act as curator and editor of the blog. Not too hard, is it?

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