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Reconnecting Concord and New Hampshire

Concord. It is the capital of New Hampshire – a vibrant city with a booming cultural scene – and a host of new eateries plus a boutique hotel. And despite all the good news, and the fact that the State’s Division of Travel and Tourism Development is based right here – you would not know it by looking at only does a search on yield little information on Concord, the state’s main travel website seems to have no page dedicated to our city. The best I found was a plug on the Merrimack Valley Region saying: “The Capital Center for the Arts in Concord, is one of the finest arts centers in the state” (sic). A search for “Statehouse” yields nothing. On Facebook and Instagram images or news of Concord are also rare, amid posts on hiking, surfing and kayaking – even though Concord offers 2 of the 3. Now it’s clear that outdoor recreation is key to our tourism economy – yet over on VisitMaine Augusta you finda full page and guide. Concord has so much potential and this is clearly the city’s time to welcome the world, but it looks like our first stop will be to introduce Concord to those in charge of promoting our state.

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