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Another year to remember ...

2020 has arrived and we have so much to be thankful for. We ended the year helping sign up more than 44,000 Granite Staters in Open Enrollment through the Affordable Care Act. Our firm has been there since the beginning, and it is an honor to fight for affordable healthcare coverage for everyone. We also worked throughout 2019 with Protect Our Care to defend the ACA, as well as to lower drug costs and support rural hospitals. The firm did a lot of support work for Portugal, as the country saw 1 million American guests for the first time in 2019. When we first started working to promote Portugal, just 200,000 Americans a year visited, so this record felt good, and it is a real thrill to see so many people discover what we have known for years-that Portugal is an amazing destination. We also worked to launch Madeira as the next cool island destination — meeting with top media in New York, and helping send a dozen travel writers to explore the warm and sunny island. We took on a new client in the Alentejo, one of the loveliest parts of Portugal. Jayme arranged and attended a barnstorm of 4 cities in 5 days: Boston, DC, Chicago and Toronto - introducing travel professionals to the Alentejo. We also helped the region redo their English brochures and web text.

The firm had some significant research projects too, including a series of 8 focus groups for a major bank. We also completed a big project for a new medical product, as well. In terms of crisis, we had none ourselves, but we helped several clients, from hospitals to schools to heath service providers, and all our clients emerged in good shape.

One of our greatest moments was helping Laconia Housing market and launch their new Sunrise House. And, our blogging efforts expanded too — with work for a new hotel, Waterville Valley, a major manufacturer, and a destination. And, we managed three websites for clients.

All told, since completely changing how the firm works and services its clients-things have been exciting, wonderful and we have helped some amazing destinations, organizations and people. We are especially grateful for the trust of our clients, and look forward to offering them the best!

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