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Since 2006 the agency has promoted American travel to Portugal and relaunched Portugal’s brand after a decline in tourist visits. An award winning (Magellan) comprehensive national media relations campaign was implemented. The contract was renewed in 2017, and we now partner with a team of experts.


By the end of 2019, Portugal saw 1 million Americans visits for the first time, ever. Today the number of Americans going to Portugal has more than tripled, almost unprecedented for a travel market such as Portugal.


We continue to serve as the communication counsel for Portugal, with public relations is the main driver in this ongoing campaign.

The agency launched a comprehensive campaign to educate consumers about the affordable options for health insurance available through the Health Benefits Marketplace. And in 2019, working with Granite State Progress helped sign up 45,500 people - in the face of a dramatically shorter enrollment period and lots of disinformation.


Our campaign, built upon in-depth research to understand our audience and determine the most persuasive messages to convince them to sign up, helped New Hampshire outpace federal expectations and enroll more than 50,000 residents through the Marketplace.


We branded the effort, designed and built, and executed a multi-million dollar, multi-channel campaign to reach uninsured residents during the open enrollment period.

In 2014 Louis Karno was hired to manage communication and community relations by the City of Concord, NH, for the 18 month Concord Main Street Project. The award winning project has transformed downtown Concord - and the city ended it with more businesses on Main Street than it had before the project began.


The $11 million renovation of the historic downtown district aimed to improve the accessibility of the City core and improve visitor experience and safety, leading to a more vibrant economic community center.


Through a staunch boots-on-the-ground approach, as well as a committed digital campaign and branding of the project, the firm expertly managed communications between the City, construction crews, and community stakeholders efficiently and accurately delivering project-related news and information. 

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