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Louis Karno & Company Specializing
in Strategic Communications

Our Services

Louis Karno & Company is your one-stop destination for elevating your brand through strategic marketing, compelling blogs, captivating websites, effective digital ads, and intelligent social media strategies. With an established presence as a premier marketing firm in New Hampshire since 1999 and a trailblazer for Portugal in the North American market since 2003, we are dedicated to being your North Star.

At Louis Karno & Company, helmed byJayme H. Simões, we bring innovation to the forefront of marketing and public relations. Our consultancy specializes in strategic public relations, marketing, and communications, encompassing media engagement, community outreach, digital and social media amplification, wine industry, crisis management, healthcare, diversity initiatives, travel and tourism, governmental affairs, public works, advertising, web services, and steadfast support for legal and financial enterprises. We are deeply committed to advancing public projects and initiatives that matter.

Discover insights on our BLOG, featuring idea-packed articles and informative roundups for everyone. For our cherished clients, we extend tailored support and assistance, equipping them to navigate challenges with confidence.

Headquartered in Concord, New Hampshire, our public relations agency extend our impactful services to clients spanning across New Hampshire, Portugal, and the global stage. Your success is our priority, and we're here to collaborate, innovate, and elevate your brand beyond expectations.

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Patient with Healthcare Nurse

Healthcare and Housing Policy

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