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Should I start the new year by dumping Twitter?

Had enough yet? IBM, Apple, Disney, Sony, Warner Bros., Comcast, NBCUniversal, Walmart and Paramount have all dropped X/Twitter ads. Elon Musk's ride into darkness has been full of poorly conceived policies, and the opening of Pandora's box on racism, anti-semtism and the white supremacism. It is like trying to pull your eyes away from a car wreck.

And that is too bad. Twitter had a real purpose. Media and politicians and celebrities had used the social medium as a way to connect with the rest of us.

“You are the company you keep” is an old saying that maintains relevance, as the platforms you choose to associate with and their actions can influence how people think about you.

Today, in the ever-evolving world of social media, finding the right platform that aligns with your oganization's values and preferences is not easy. Elon Musk's ongoing X/Twitter controversies, have sparked hard conversations about user privacy, cost, moderation, and platform transparency.

Similar to most social media platforms, Twitter has historically grappled with the challenge of managing offensive content and misinformation. But, what has changed is the direction of X. Some suggest that X's environment might become significantly more hostile for marginalized communities. This concern arises due to Elon Musk's explicit and repetitive calls to scale back content moderation on the platform. The recent mass layoffs dismantled crucial teams aimed at curbing harassment, abuse, and the incitement of violence, although Twitter reassured users that more than 2,000 content moderators employed.

But, news reports tell us that X has also eliminated teams dedicated to human rights and machine learning ethics, along with a group focused on enhancing platform accessibility for disabled users. As more users seek alternatives to mainstream social media, exploring platforms beyond the conventional choices is increasingly important.

The Quest for Alternatives

The digital landscape is vast and growing, offering all kinds of platforms catering to different needs and ideologies. While Mastodon is one alternative, the digital realm offers numerous other options tailored to specific interests:

  • Clubhouse: Ideal for audio-centric conversations, Clubhouse allows users to join discussions and engage in real-time conversations with people around the world.

  • LinkedIn: For professionals and businesses, LinkedIn offers a platform to network, share expertise, and explore career opportunities.

  • Reddit: Reddit's diverse subreddits provide niched communities for virtually every interest imaginable, fostering in-depth discussions and knowledge sharing.

Values along the Digital Journey

As the social media landscape continues to evolve, staying informed about alternatives empowers you to beter connect with markets. In this time of digital connections, the choice of a social media platform can significantly impact your online brand. Whether you prefer a decentralized approach, exploring diverse platforms allows you to tailor your online brand according to your plan. If X (or Twitter) is just too unstable and unsure for you, then stop posting - or highlighting it on your page. If it is too out there, then move on. “You are the company you keep.” Sounds as if it is time to move on.

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