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The time for piano music has passed

The time for piano music has passed.

A sad crescendo. Images evoking stiff upper lips. So many of the commercials on television have pivoted to this scenario - so much so that commercial blocks have become mismatched piano concerts. It might very well play off what we feel. But is it good communications? No, it is not. In a mass crisis, it is not uncommon for people to have the same great idea at once. In the travel industry, where things are paralyzed, everyone pivoted to virtual travel - recycling old videos. Not a bad thing, but if everyone does it, not very innovative. And, that lead to our piano concert. The sudden rush to feel good spots are a bit “lemming-esque” - as in everyone who has an ad budget has rushed to it. The posts look like this:

Slow, thoughtful piano music –

Narrator: Times are hard, and people are struggling.

Scene: People doing small things to keep up hope.

Narrator: But we can get through this, together. Show small child with flower… piano music builds and fades.

Corporate logo.

In the space of 30 days the world changed. Everything changed dramatically, and the possibility of going back to the old normal seems less likely every day. Simply waiting for the issue to pass is not an option. Lots of good articles tell us that things are changed forever — and that we have to change too, or lose everything. Let’s mourn, let’s move on. And skip the piano….

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