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Time to Ditch the Newsletter? Oh yes!

Let’s be honest — no one has time for e-newsletters anymore. Who reads them? They just end up in spam. If you at a 10% open rate you call it a success.

But, the big editors don’t have the time to read them. So, I would not spend time and funds on a fancy newsletter for media, it will likely end up in spam.

Here’s how it should work:

Old fashioned Email Newsletters are sent to a target audience all pretty and laid out- full of articles of great interest! You hope to engage readers, build relationships, as well as awareness. But in a sea of e-newsletters, spam filters and too much email are folks really paying close attention?

How about an e-newsletter with built-in sharing to social networks, an archive full of great old articles that you can find on Google? How about a newsletter where people can ask questions about the articles, and they can share the articles with their colleagues?

You call that A blog.

Blogs are online and easy for everyone to see. But, done right they get great SEO and can put your news and ideas in front of potential clients and media who are doing research.

Each blog post covers a topic that will educate and improve search engine rankings.

So, my suggestion is to post news and ideas articles to a blog, and then send a regular e-blast out that sends the reader back to the blog - kind of a headline service.

Cheap, targeted, gets past the spam filter, and highly effective…

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