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Today, I am Thankful for so much

Thanksgiving, a holiday with a complex history, often intertwined with colonialism, nevertheless prompts reflection on gratitude. So, if you'll indulge me, I want to express my heartfelt thanks and share my own gratitude list.

I am thankful for:

  • My wife of over 30 years, a steadfast companion who keeps me honest and loved.

  • Our two sons, a source of pride and joy, exceeding expectations in countless ways.

  • My work and the clients who make each endeavor worthwhile.

  • The Endowment for Health, which taught me to be an anti-racist and afforded me a rare opportunity to contribute to making New Hampshire a better place.

  • The Center for Justice and Equity, which entrusted me to assist them on their journey and connect people with their impactful message.

  • CDFA, an organization that honored me by allowing us to collaborate with their partners, making business advice and support accessible to diverse individuals and entrepreneurs—from communities of color to veterans.

  • New Hampshire Legal Assistance, which enabled me to assist in reaching out to victims of housing discrimination to find justice.

  • NHPR, which allowed me to fill in and advocate for press freedom and the value of news reporting in our state.

  • The NH Coalition for Suicide Prevention, where I contribute to helping others survive what I experienced as a child.

  • Visit Alentejo, which gave me the great honor of sharing my love for that remarkable place, and Air Canada, for partnering with us to reach so many people.

To my partners, Robin, Carlota, Michael, Mary, Annette, and Rose—your contributions have enabled this small firm to accomplish big things. And to Tina, whose hard work and dedication keep the firm running smoothly every day.

I am also grateful for my colleagues at the Greater Concord Chamber of Commerce, allowing me to help lead our DEI initiatives, and to the people of Concord who have embraced them.

For all these things, and my loving family too, including my dear uncle who, for no reason, decided to restore my grandfather's Renault 12—the car I learned to drive in Portugal. And, my good dog, Shelby.

And I cannot forget my friends in the Alentejo, both born there or called there, for making it a home to us. Lastly, to my dear Portugal, a terra mais querida, for saving me all those years ago. To those who are here and those who are missing but remembered, thank you.

And to God, for so many blessings. Thanks are not counted by what you have but who is in your life. For that and more, I am grateful.


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