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You may be getting the whole online thing backwards…

So you spent a lot of money on that new website. And it looks great! So why are you sending people away?

Yes, that is exactly what you are doing with all those big tiles leading to social media… But think about it… you don’t own Twitter or Facebook… and but sending someone away from your site to those sites – how is that good? How long will you keep their attention with all the temptations to see the latest from Buzzfeed? And think about it – you are a tenant at will on most social media. The rules change every day, no one asks you – the platform just makes a change. And, if you don’t boost your posts, they don’t get seen.

Yes, it is cool and engaging to be on social media, but my point is, don’t be in a hurry to ship someone from your site to someone else's site.

Your site, and your blog should be the center of your marketing, not on the periphery.

And to another point on social media – why would you post someone else's article? Ok, yes the Atlantic and NY Times have great articles- but when the user clicks, they depart your page and go to the NY Times. You see the whole point of social media is to have it build a relationship, and promote you, your product, or brand. Posting other people’s stuff just won’t do that. It is great to share articles about you, and articles about a cause you support. But use your blog and your camera to craft engaging post that send folks back to the great website… And get some SEO, too. After all, if you are promoting other people, it is not exactly marketing your organization. So, get a plan. Build a blog. Find your voice. Understand your markets. Have everything lead back to your website – and get in the game.

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