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SEO is alive and well

Rumors of the death SEO were premature. The Search Engine Optimization is alive and well but its mechanics have been changing - and 2017 has definitely been a dramatic year.

Today SEO is less of a marketing tactic and more of a branding strategy. Yes, classic techniques to improve SEO still work and it is not going to stop working any time soon. Basic SEO is cost-effective, compared to the costs of other types of online marketing, because of the rise of mobile bandwidth and local search optimization – the amount of traffic on mobile devices has left the desktop behind.

Yes, “content is key” and content is vital to Google. But don’t forget links that point back to your site. When it comes to links, three things are important: the volume of external links; the anchor text of the external links and the quality of external link sources (it is better to get a link from a reputable news source than an anonymous blog).

And what you use as content is key too, if a specific term only exists on one page, and not the rest of the site – your SEO effort won’t work, as Google know what you are up to.

So, put SEO terms all over your site, build on the through blogging, use unique content, caption photos and blogs work for links from a great site to validate what you are doing.

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