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How to write a kick-ass pitch letter and LTE

A pitch letter is a 250 to 300 word letter that presents story ideas for a journalist. You begin the letter by explaining the story idea and why it is relevant. You can also provide the different news angles, the resource material you can provide, and the experts you can make available for interviews.

A pitch letter can be used in place of a news release.

Tips for Writing A Letter to The Editor

Letters to the editor should be short-a maximum of three to five paragraphs, 200 words. Sentences should be concise. Only one point should be made per letter. Letters to the editor can be written to clarify

misconceptions about or inaccurate coverage of your business or product.

Letters to the editor can also be used to respond to news coverage on a specific issue.

Internet Strategies

Podcasts are the hottest form of news sharing. This can be used for any presentation, event, or other occasion that you want to share and can downloaded off your site, and via iTunes.

Newsblog- a new way to craft a news feed, it can be hosted on a blog platform and is incredibly cheap. Also, media can sign up for a free alert every time new information is posted. We recommend this for the news portion of your website as the media does not need fancy overly formatted pages. A news blog is the one of the easiest ways for a staff member to post news to the web in a quick and direct fashion- see as an example.

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