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Almost 10 years later, our work on Main Street has redefined Concord

Nine years have passed since the initiation of the Concord Main Street Project, yet its impact continues to reverberate through the heart of Concord's economy. That $11 million endeavor, bolstered by a $4.7 million federal TIGER grant, marked a historic revitalization of Concord's downtown core, reshaping it into a vibrant hub for residents and visitors alike.

From the fall of 2014 to November 2016, the project unfolded over 18 months of active construction, guided by ambitious objectives. These goals aimed to enhance the pedestrian experience by widening sidewalks, fostering a safer environment by reducing driving lanes, and improving accessibility to building entrances. In essence, the vision was to transform Main Street into a destination rather than merely a thoroughfare.

Yet, such a grand undertaking posed profound challenges, particularly from a community relations perspective. This is where Louis Karno & Company (LKC) stepped in, tasked with surmounting the obstacles inherent in a project of this scale.

Transparency was the cornerstone of LKC's strategy. Clear, consistent communication, devoid of over-promises, formed the bedrock of their approach. Using every logical communication channel, LKC launched an assertive digital and social media campaign. A dedicated website served as a centralized hub for disseminating information, offering weekly updates, event calendars, construction schedules, live webcams, merchant profiles, and avenues for public feedback.

In addition to the digital realm, traditional advertising avenues such as billboards, brochures, digital message boards, and yard signs conveyed a succinct yet impactful message: Concord was "Making way for a new Main Street," while assuring that businesses remained open and parking remained accessible.

The results of LKC's efforts were tangible and multifaceted. By the end of the first year, the weekly newsletter boasted 800 subscribers, demonstrating widespread engagement. Despite the construction upheaval, 13 new businesses emerged on Main Street in 2015, a testament to the enduring allure of the downtown area.

Qualitative feedback from business owners further underscored the success of LKC's communication strategy. Surveys conducted post-construction revealed a prevailing sense of satisfaction and assurance among merchants, with the majority expressing contentment with the level of communication and minimal impact on business health.

As the project concluded within its designated timeframe and budget, sentiments toward the revitalization effort turned overwhelmingly positive. Skepticism gave way to appreciation, with many acknowledging the project's transformative potential. Looking ahead to future phases, the resounding advice echoed by the community was simple yet profound: "Be patient. It will all be worth it." And, it was.

In retrospect, the Concord Main Street Project stands as a testament to the power of transparency, communication, and community engagement in navigating complex public works projects and fostering positive change. It was a big deal.

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Joe Denly
Joe Denly
22 mag

The Concord Main Street Project stands as a testament to effective project management and urban revitalization. Its $11 million investment, fortified by a $4.7 million federal grant, catalyzed a transformative journey for Concord's downtown. This historic endeavor not only revitalized the city's core but also fostered economic growth and community engagement. project management assignment for students, this project serves as a prime case study, highlighting the importance of strategic planning, resource allocation, and stakeholder collaboration in achieving long-term success.

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