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A fresh approach to marketing Concord, NH

Everything is going right in Concord, NH, these days. The Main Street Project helped reinvent the city’s downtown – leading to a wealth of new restaurants, shops, venues and a boutique hotel. And at Louis Karno we were honored to be part of that marketing success.

The good news is leaking out – but to us it makes sense build a campaign to focus the message, and capitalize on the growth to build a sustainable image and market. As with any destination in waiting, the ability to focus the message and build the brand is fleeting.

So, in partnership with the Concord Chamber of commerce we created a digital campaign – built around a SquareSpace blog – pushing content to social media via highly targeted ads.

This plan is to work with the Concord Chamber of Commerce to promote Concord as a cultural destination. Aimed squarely at Southern NH, Boston and RI – we hope to use highly targeted assets with affordable promotional support and outreach to build off the revitalization of the Main Street business district as well as the success of the Capital Arts Fest this fall with the League of NH Craftsmen.

The Greater Concord Chamber of Commerce wants the city to have a new image and let people see it as a cool and upcoming city. The idea was to get locals thinking about Concord as a destination, encouraging them to share ideas and invite friends to see the city. Then have that spread to farther afield markets – and motivate people to come to Concord.

We started with Facebook and Twitter pages where people interact with positive images of the vitality of the art and cultural community, create their own ideas and share them.

Now, we have launched a blog that will focus the story we want to tell to not only internally, as in local– but share it with those who don’t have a good understanding of what is going on in Concord yet. Blogs are great places to share news and ideas – and we own them, versus using some else’s platform on social media. The content cycles back to the Facebook page – all written and aimed at your key market.

Visit Concordnow has a community of 8,500+ people on Facebook engaged in the idea and reaches tens of thousands more each week through likes and shares. It created a positive dialogue and new thinking about why we love Concord.

So, we are in the early days of this effort, but I have a feeling that this is the start of a beautiful relationship!

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