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5 social media post ideas that will grab everyone’s attention (well, almost everyone's)

In today’s world of short attention spans getting your reader interested from the first sentence or glance is crucial. If you’re a small business owner, you are probably struggling with coming up with ideas for the next social media post. Creating attention grabbing, consistent, and valuable content is not a walk in the park. However, as with any other challenge, your best option should be taking it one step at a time.

So, what type of content should you post on your social media accounts to make sure they are bringing value to your leads and your existing clients?

First, start with a plan: Who is your audience, what do they know about you and what do you want to motivate them to do. Social media is like anything - you need a strategy to have a real plan.

Next, look at what’s trending. Whether it’s a new Winnie-the-Pooh flick coming out, or funny diving fails from the World Cup, think how you can use them in your favor. Create memes that are funny and yet go along with your business type. Think creatively.

Then, share an eye-catching statistic. Have you recently read a cool statistic or new case study that relates to what you are doing? Feel free to publish it! Stats catch people’s attention and are a great form of shareable content for your social media profiles. People like stats and comparisons, so it’s a win-win situation.

Fourth, humor works – share something hilarious. It’s a proven fact that people LOVE cats of the Internet: Grumpy Cat, sleepy cats, hungry cats, psycho cats, cats chasing dogs, dogs chasing cats… Got it? But, do it in a way that related to your plan, brand and product. They’re has to be a path back to you.

Next, try a TBTs. Abbreviated from throwback Thursday, TBTs are simple way to tell your story – what did you do differently five years ago? How has team size changed? How was the office space in the old days? It’s simple as sipping water from a cup – just remember to take a picture today, it might be history tomorrow.

And finally, think about the seasons. Everybody is affected by the season change, some like apple pies, some are thrilled by the skiing season, and others are more into golf. Now, for this one just peek out of the window, or skim through your calendar. Is Thanksgiving coming up? Then, maybe it’s the right time to find that hideous looking turkey hat from your wardrobe and give it a massive photoshoot in front of your office…

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