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The one client I did not promote - my son

So, my son Owen has become something of a media sensation with the success of his shop SquidFlip. Yes, I am a publicist. But no, I did not start his promotion as you may think. Squidflip started off in the summer of 2016 as his idea. We had just bought a summer cottage in Maine as a rental property. Owen worked with his mom to find and redo furniture to furnish the cottage, to save money and give it a unique character. They did a great job, and when it was done, Owen had the idea that he could do it professionally. He had started watching Flea Market Flip, and got the idea to try his own hand at it. So he made a plan to go to Brimfield, and find his own flea market flips.

A few weeks later, he took over a couple of empty rooms in our office building, and opened his own store. He built a Facebook page, and we shared it. Our friends reacted by sharing it too, and soon the folks at the Concord Monitor saw it. They asked if he would do an interview. With a bit of hesitation, a lovely article and we agreed-it ran a few weeks later- if produced several sales, and a few item donations. It also produced a few offers for him to be on competitive TV shows that we did not feel were a good fit for our 10 year old. And a few weeks later – the folks at WMUR TV 9 Chronicle called and asked if they could do a segment on him.

The ball was rolling, and he was launched – and it was really all him. I just felt the need tosay that he is one incredible 12 year old and he makes me very proud!

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