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How to attract media to social media posts

Updated: Jan 2, 2020


When it comes to Twitter it is vital to become a regular and not just post now and then. In order to achieve the top goal – which is to attract as many journalists as possible – it is important to follow them on Twitter. For starters - find their twitter handles, compliment a story that a reporter had written, retweet their posts, thank them (via twitter) for covering an event you attended and extend the relationship to other social networks.


Most people, even journalists, may go on social media to connect with friends and family, so unless you know a journalist personally, you should avoid pitching him/her on Facebook. Make sure you follow them, but share their stories to catch their attention. Only pitch the media person once you’ve built a good relationship. No Facebook messaging to pitch stories, please.

Facebook has a tool called Facebook Signal, which helps journalists discovering information and see what’s trending. To get attention from the media you should offer content that will trend and be sure to have a compelling headline. Having an element of human interest involved also helps (not a cat photo) . Use good photos and use of the Instagram aspects of Facebook Signal.


Add journalists to your connections, review their interests and groups to understand if your pitches will interest them. Message them privately, please.


Instagram is all about visual content and that is the thing that builds relationships, too.

Be sure to complete your social profile, share, comment or reply to similar stories shared by the journalists in natural non-creepy way, and don't be critical or insulting.

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