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How to craft a press kit (fast!)

A media or press kit (same thing, just modern media don’t use presses) provides a simple mix of background about an organization. Look at it as a cheat sheet to leadership, services, and brand values.

Media kits can deliver the facts supported by graphics and images. So, a lot of what is in the annual report.

While there is no standard of what to include, a good kit should be strong on facts, brand and mission.

The media kit must be on the website with an appropriate media contact. A PDF on a thumb drive is also a good idea for events and press conferences.

What’s in a media kit?


An overview of the organization, with the 1,000 foot view, vision, and media contacts.

Background/Fact Sheets:

Fact Sheets are a great way to boil down the mission and key departments as well as scope. For a bigger organization, there can be shorter program-specific fact sheets too. This is background, history, services and vision so keep it short and focused. A short timeline may be appropriate.

And, do it in the third person - light on adjectives. This should be updated every 3-4 months.


Biographies put a name and a face on an org, in a humanizing way. And, tell the short history of the organization itself, as well as its key leaders. Short bios of key players help show the depth of the management team. And do it in quotes and a photo.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Why not hit on the obvious questions a reporter might be asking? And focus on the aspect you want to highlight.

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