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Need a crisis tune up?

I got a call the other day from a group in the midst of a crisis. These calls come more frequently than you would expect. And, often the cause is not one that they anticipated — for that reason we decided to offer a crisis tune up, with framing, media policy stress test, spokesperson training, and FAQ prep. A short Zoom will help get you on point, and like a pinch of salt, keep bad luck at bay.

Can a crisis ruin an organization? Yes. From TWA to Firestone to too many non-profits — a crisis gone unmanaged can erode trust, sales, and mission. At Louis Karno we get a lot of calls from organizations on the brink of crisis. And, with our partners at Jackson, Jackson and Wagner, we have a very good track record for helping. Obviously, giving us a call when things look cloudy is a good idea, but we have an approach that will help avoid those sleepless nights. Our crisis tune up is a pretty good idea to invest in when things are going well.

Our boot camp starts with a quick call to see what issues you are facing, how you are with your plan, and what kind of training you might need.

Then we build a training program for you on Zoom where we go over key issues, review your potential crisis points, help you go over training points and response plans. We look at your team, see what assets you have and need — and we help identify and train your key spokesperson.

Our goal is also is to help identify a news section on your website that can be ready if you need to put out a statement.

Then, we loop back to social media, as it is vital to be able to stop all pre-programmed posts if a crisis erupts, and that will just make you look worse.

And, we look at lists: Do you have stakeholders, from internal and external lists set up for quick outreach?

Is there a media policy set up to deal with calls and posts from the media or others?

The issue is that a crisis happens fast, especially in an era of social media where you don’t get a do-over. As a result, it is important to set up a first warning monitor service to be sure you can see and anticipate a crisis breaking.

Our training is tailored to match your organization's needs, and aimed to help you not simply to avoid a crisis, but to survive one. Give us a call!

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