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Need help to avoid a crisis? Talk to us.

Media Training Tailored To Your Organization’s Key Spokespersons We can build a custom interactive training session, we will work with a select team of spokespersons from your organization and run mock interviews on topics relevant to your organization. The agenda can be tailored to fit your needs, but it will include:

• Creating and communicating the spokesperson policy • The Do’s and Don’ts of the media interview • Techniques for bridging, blanketing and ducking reporter questions • Fielding the media inquiry…and following up • Putting it into perspective: Taking the Front Page Test • Identification of key messages for each issue • Mock interviews with group critique

We will work with you to identify the topics most relevant to each spokesperson, then create a series of reporter questions. We record the interview so each participant can see firsthand what worked well and what they need to work on.

Estimated length of training: 3-4 hours

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