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Americans Flock To Portugal | Emulate Their Marketing Success

Portugal is finding success with American tourists

Portugal is having an amazing year in the US. The European nation is set to have a 22% increase in American guests for 2016, setting a new record with close to a half million Americans expected in 2017. And in the past month Travel + Leisure named Portugal its Editors Pick Destination of the Year. Fodor’s included the Northern Minho area in their 2017 “Go List.” Condé Nast Traveler said Portugal was one of the places to go in 2017. Lonely Planet named the Azores one of the “world’s best regions to visit in 2017.” And, the Huffington Post declared Portugal “The Country Everybody Will Be Visiting In 2017.”

The U.S. remains one of Portugal’s fastest growing markets – and spending by American guests, per capita, far outpaces other nations.

So, where are Portugal’s consumer products? Tiles, wines, cork, rugs, copper, shoes, pottery… Now is the time for Portugal’s wonderful section of crafts, arts, and food and quality products to step up and capitalize on the boom of Portugal’s image in the US market.

How? Simply use the buzz that Portugal is getting to boost your brand. People look for products from places they want to go or have been. Made in France, Spain and Italy has a lot of cache because of the huge awareness of those destinations. Made in Italy on foods, shoes and wines has a real premium impact. People value things that come from beautiful places. Now is the time to tell your story.

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