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Six Steps To Social Media Marketing Success For Nonprofits

No one reads your social media posts… what a surprise! Getting marketing results for your nonprofit.

So no one is reading what you post to social media? The good news is you are not alone. Everyday millions of non-and for profits makes posts that no one reads. The reasons are for the marketing morass simple. They have no plan. So, let’s look at a few basic facts:

Social media is not a great selling tool. It is great to share ideas, and concepts, but not most offers or calls to action.

Social media is flooded with content. Kitten photos, angry political rants, feet on a beach, there is a lot out there. And, causes and issues can gain traction of social media – after all revolutions and presidential elections have been launched with 140 characters.

So what to do? Follow these six steps and get increased social media marketing results.

  1. Get a plan. Who is your audience? What do you know about them? What do you want them to do? What do they know about you? What values do you share?

  2. Pick the right platforms. Don’t pick them all! Facebook is about as widebanded as social media comes. Twitter is pretty random and hard to break through on. Pinterest has a strong female base. Instagram is very visual. And then there is Google +. Do you know anyone on Google +? Didn’t think so…

  3. Find a voice. No one reads social media posts looking for insurance. Are you funny? Ironic? Helpful? How are you hoping to be perceived?

  4. Get your key stakeholders on board. If your staff and employees can’t like your posts, no one else will.

  5. Shell out some cash. Many social media platforms have excellent ad targeting – and the ads are cheap and quite effective. If you don’t use ads, the chances are no one will see your posts. Sorry, but they are running business…

  6. ROI. Hey if you are spend an hour a day tweeting to 50 people – then something is very wrong – and you need to change plans.

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