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Signs that it is time to get off of Twitter....

Twitter is the go-to online news and social site where users post and reply to "tweets” of 140 characters or less. Twitter is a newsfeed AND a social network. And the Donald loves it, mostly around 3 a.m. For some organizations, being on Twitter makes sense.

But remember, you can’t expunge comments, and you can be called out at any time. Twitter’s stock has been pretty cheap as the service struggles to be profitable – Twitter’s in the red more than $418 million. So, is Twitter a place where you want to be? With the White House breaking news and Russian ghost accounts, we have to ask, what are the tell tale signs you have to get off Twitter?

Unless you are POTUS, it is hard to be seen…

Each day there are 500 million new Tweets– many just last for seconds, and then are never seen again, it is easy to be a grain of sand in the desert. If your Tweets just sit there, you might want to get out.

If most of what pops up on Twitter is just crap?

Spam, fake accounts, schemes, porn, you name it, Twitter is pretty inappropriate and seedy – might even be the next MySpace, so it is hard to cut through the garbage. Don’t waste your time.

It is not drawing eyes to your site?

If you don’t see your Tweets sending eyes to your site, you might want to send Twitter over the Rainbow Bridge.

Lots of ranting, less listening?

Much of what happens on Twitter is simple self-promotion. And unless you’re tossing bombs, it is hard to cut through. Some organizations use it for customer service, but that means everyone will see your dirty laundry…Amid all the clutter customers could miss your message, and if that is the case, why bother?

The famous, infamous and new orgs are the big tweeters – and that’s not you.

Breaking news, celebrity fluff and sharp comments, leaving little room for businesses to get their message across. Competing big musical acts, politicos and the news is a big step up.

So many Twitter people are in Russia or selling porn, you are not…

If it isn’t automated, it might be a fake account – just look at your “likes” and see how much fake Twitter there is on Twitter. From rampant sales offers to porn – Twitter can seem downright sketchy next to the more mainstream Facebook. Twitter lets you connect with key markets and helps them to get your message out when they retweet – and that not only is good for SEO, and your brand – it crafts trust! But sometimes Twitter can be, well twitter, and it may seem more like a black hole than a great platform. It takes a lot of time and effort to make it work, and get a good ROI, so think carefully, have a plan, find your voice – and hope the platform survives the summer. tier

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