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Crisis Review for March 31

A review of the latest new articles on the COVID-19 Crisis:


How COVID-19 Could Affect Your Hospitals

Hospitals redeploy specialists to COVID-19 front lines


Before-and-after photos show how the coronavirus has left some of the world's busiest train stations looking like ghost towns

It could take three years for the US economy to recover from COVID-19

The $1.5 Trillion Global Tourism Industry Faces $450 Billion Collapse in Revenues, Based on Optimistic Assumptions

How The Airline Industry Will Transform Itself As It Comes Back From Coronavirus

  • Volume will probably not regain its peak for at least 3-5 years depending on the distance segment.

  • Pricing recovery will lag volume recovery by at least a year.

  • Business travel will recover more quickly than leisure travel, but at a permanently lower level.

  • Long-haul narrow body aircraft will change the nature of international networks by replacing hub and spoke models with point-to-point flying.

  • Regional travel will move from an expensive business-oriented model to a cheaper leisure-oriented model. 

TwentyfourSeven provides full service production in Portugal For Skoda

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