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How Louis Karno launched the Affordable Care Act in NH ten years ago

The Affordable Care Act (ACA), enacted in 2010, stands as a pivotal moment in the quest for equitable healthcare coverage across the United States. Its impact has been profound, ushering in an era where millions of Americans can access healthcare without the specter of lifetime limits and where vital protections shield those with preexisting conditions.

In the heart of this transformative movement was Louis Karno & Company, a driving force behind the ACA's successful launch and execution in New Hampshire. Through initiatives such as Covering New Hampshire, a skilled team took the reins in educating the state's uninsured populace about their healthcare choices and the subsidies awaiting them through the Health Insurance Marketplace.

Our outreach strategies were comprehensive and effective, ranging from the unveiling of the website to targeted digital ads, direct mail campaigns, and radio and television broadcasts. Leveraging diverse platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and the Covering New Hampshire website, alongside compelling testimonials from Marketplace plan enrollees, they reached and resonated with a broad audience.

The fruits of this hard work were evident as New Hampshire not only met but exceeded its federally-mandated enrollment targets. This success story isn't just about numbers; it's about empowerment through education. Covering New Hampshire didn't just enroll individuals; it informed them, ensuring they understood their healthcare options.

Michael Degnan, the Executive Director of the New Hampshire Health Plan, rightly lauded Covering New Hampshire's persistent outreach efforts for galvanizing momentum and rallying even the most procrastinating residents to secure healthcare coverage.

In essence, the success of the Covering New Hampshire outreach initiative underscores the vital role of effective communication and education in democratizing access to healthcare. A statewide beacon of knowledge, Covering New Hampshire, sponsored by the New Hampshire Health Plan, stands as the key resource for Granite Staters, guiding them through the intricacies of the Health Insurance Marketplace and the array of affordable health insurance plans now within reach.

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