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How do I start my jump marketing now?

How do I jump start my marketing now? This is a question many folks are asking, from non-profits to smaller companies.

Here at Louis Karno, we get this question often. After dropping ads into things like radio, google and over-wrought websites — things that sometimes don’t work.

So here is our advice, how to jumpstart your communications effort right now.

Get a plan — what do you want to accomplish? What’s the goal of your efforts? Here is how:

Start by asking some questions: Identify the purpose of your marketing efforts.

Identify your key audiences — who do you want to reach? Conduct some research. Key research is the foundation of developing a marketing strategy.

What is your unique selling proposition (USP) — what makes you, you — this is the key of your brand.

What are your key messages? Frame who you are and what you stand for - and boil that down to a memorable message.

Consider what your resources are and then strategize how to connect with key markets that can help to spread and share the message.

Things to consider:

Social media does not really sell stuff. The big marketing companies long ago figured out that social media might get a conversation going, but when it comes to closing the deal, not so much.

SEO, search engine optimization is the new secret weapon. Think about, how we get our information today? We ask Google, and that’s where good blogging and smart answers to questions help you get in front of new customers — it works, and if you're reading this blog right now, you can see how well that works.

So, develop your brand based on what makes you stand out, and why you are relevant. Choose your tactic with real care, and look at ROl, don’t over spend or use outlets that are in steep decline.

Reward, recognize and thank your loyal customers. …

Monitor and review. Be ready to evaluate your plan and adjust it, so you stay focused.

This should help you get on track, and get out there and reach new audiences.

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