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Why a Brand Book?

A Brand Book is a tool to build a place in the mind though bringing many different voices into harmony.

A Brand Book is a set of visual standards and guidelines, instructions for a practical way to build a brand identity.

So, what is a BRAND?

Your BRAND is everything--the things you communicate to key markets.

By definition, a BRAND is whatever the stakeholder thinks of when he or she hears “your name.”

A BRAND is a space in the mind, that you put there and you own…

Components of brand-book:

1. Logo (options for its implementation, standards and guidelines for use of the logo in different situations, as well as its placement next to other logos and images).

  • Dimensions (for different formats, minimum size)

  • PMS color (s)

  • Monochrome execution

2. Brand font and how to use photos (recommendations for additional options of fonts).

  • Type family

3. Brand Promise (what the brand offers in return for use).

4. The elevator speech

  • How to verbalize the brand

5. The Look (principles of the layout).

  • Signage

  • Banners, flags

  • Web

  • Print


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