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When It Comes To Marketing, Tragedy is a Brand Killer Not a Strategy

Bad Taste Marketing is a Brand Killer

It can make us wince. Cinnabun posted an image of Carrie Fisher with Cinnabun on her head (photo shopped) on news of the death of the actress. Fans are shocked. The post is pulled. Media take notice…. Was it a stunt? Or some kids who thought it was appropriate. The point is that voice is crucial on social media – but so is a plan. Capitalizing on tragedy or sadness tends to piss people off, and hurt your brand. So, posting that a NYC hotel is having a 50% off breakfast buffet to mark 911 is just a terrible idea. As was the Texas mattress store building twin towers out of mattresses.

Point is, if it seems offensive, in poor taste or hurtful – then don’t do it.

Limit access – the worst gaffes come for too many folks with the login on their phone’s Twitter app, posting to the wrong page.

If it looks questionable, take a few moments to think it over- you may come to your senses.

Cheap points can be expensive. Get your facts straight, and think over how a post meshes with your voice. Young and irreverent is not the same as insulting. Don’t touch politics, race, gender and so on – It is ok to speak out for a good cause – it is stupid to post something that looks like a cheap attack. And what does that say about your brand?

And have a plan. It call comes back to what you are trying to do online – not how cool you think you are. You want to connect and share, not offend millions of Star Wars fans.

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