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How to write a news release that gets results

The top of your news release should include the name, address, and telephone number of your business or organization and the name of the media contact with contact information (phone, email).

Releases can be for:

  1. Immediate Release (included at the top of the release)

  2. Embargoed for release until a certain date and time (included at the top of the release). Embargoed releases provide the journalist time to do research prior to the running of the news. It can also help if the news is tied to an announcement or event and you want the release of a news story to accompany it.

Write your release in an inverted-pyramid form. The most important information is in the first one or two paragraphs. Each subsequent paragraph contains less important information.

Spacing on releases may vary. Leaving spaces between paragraphs provides room for editing.

If your release is more than one page, try to end the first with a completed paragraph, or at least a completed sentence. Type “MORE” across the bottom of the pages previous to the last.

Mark the end of your release with “-30-,” or the pound sign repeated several times “###”. These inform the journalist that the release has ended.

If you have images to send with your release, you can place an “Editor Note” following the mark at the end of the release that states images are attached, list a photo caption, photo credit, and the names and titles of those pictured in the photo (Left to Right) when applicable. If you have used an online photo distribution program (i.e. include the link, length of time photos are available for download, and any other applicable information for the editor.

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