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The next SEO Frontier!

The future is today for marketing. But there are new opportunities in online marketing that you need to look at as you build your brand online, and work to attract new customers.


Kids growing up today have no idea what CBS, ABC or NBC stand for – but they know all about YouTube. That is their TV, and if you are not in video, you are missing an emerging market. Sharing ideas and information online is shifting to the visual. Now with faster Internet speeds, more video on social media, and the boom of the Smartphone, videos are big. But what about Google? Google can now categorize visual elements in videos and help us search them better. And social media is allowing better video sharing, be it live or with audio.

Voice search

Siri or Echo or Alexa… The trend is toward Smartphone and speakers that can speak back to you. Once for drivers, they now help you with TV, music—everything. And how they work is a little different – rather than use a few key words from search- they use the whole prize. So rather than “Portugal,” Portugal air fare” and “Portugal tell,” they look for “Best package to Portugal from Boston.” We think of question phrases more than search terms. Do that and you are likely to get better results.

Smartphone’s +tablets

No one seems interested in a computer anymore – Apple even has an ad where a young woman with an iPad says “What is a computer?” Many folks are just using their tablets and phones – and that means a site or marketing has to be more than responsive. When thinking about keywords, keep a mobile search query string in mind. Mobile uses may use 25% fewer words in a search than when on a laptop. Too much may mean you overshoot the mobile searches. And how your site works on a smaller screen may be all the difference in a competitive market.


Let’s be honest, there is nothing that can boost your SEO better than a blog. Search engine optimization is incredibly important for marketers. When you optimize your blog posts your website becomes more visible. Start by finding six keyword phrases that would be used in a search to find a site like yours. Then

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