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The world of marketing is in a state of disruptive change.

As always, the world of marketing is in a state of disruptive change. And, to be sure change is never a bad thing. Remember polyester and bell-bottoms – yes we needed change.

More than 17 years ago I started this small firm. It grew. All the while, traditional media began to morph, online media blossomed, cable media went wild – “fake news” arrived. Blogs and social media bypassed traditional information sources. The one thing that did not change was the rule and logic of marketing – but the thing that did change was tactics.

Suddenly, one needed to do direct mail, on-line ads, social media, crisis management, blogs, websites, print ads and so on -it was a renaissance of sorts. Walls broke down, and artistry blossomed. But, the rules of marketing have not changed – they still hold true.

So, to get the job done for Mr. Karno, I built a dream team, if you will. A group of wildly talented professionals, who I could collaborate with, and mix and match to fill holes. Need to do a comic book and VR? ? Yes we can do that? Need to do some deep stakeholder research? Yes.

I have to say I like not only how we are doing, but also where we are going. A communications consultant’s day is never boring, but it has gotten even more interesting. We pivot from heath care messaging on social media, to drafting travel blogs, to advising on air transportation, to rounding up media for fam trips, to advising on posting a work dispute.

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