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Sharing is caring: Simple tips to get your social media contents shared

Despite the common belief that the world is growing more selfish, the truth is that today in marketing sharingis the key to success. Everybody knows that sharing is the way of getting a story to reach a mass market on social media, but the trick is how? Here are some marketing tips to encourage sharingof your content on social media.

What do people share?

Helpful information – news they feel others should have – people share to connect with people, not with your organization.

People share content because it syncs their own sense of identity and their relationships with others—moms will share a recall of baby formula – because they are moms and they care. So how can you empower others to share a post or image with others of the same mindset or beliefs? Let’s see how your viewer provides utility to someone else. Don’t create content just for your audience -create it for the people they are friends with too.

Tips to get your content shared: Let others do the talking

If someone plugs you in a positive light in his or her post, share it! The third party endorsement is worth so much more than just tooting your own horn. So, if you earn it, play it!


Look at your events, the calendar, news cycle, trends- and work that into your feed. Think it out in advance, and have an editorial calendar – life does not happen in a bubble.

CTA is more than a train in Chicago - it is call-to-action (CTA)

Having a call-to-action is part of strategic communications - you’re motivating others to do something. The more specific your message, the more likely they are to act.

But, in posting, CTA needs to grow beyond selling. Do you want them to share a recall, or event? Sign up for a newsletter or repost to enter a contest don’t just inform – but rather motivate- and give people something to do that benefits everyone.


A great photo or video can go a long way! But use a # or a caption to explain it and add that CTA.

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