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How to build a Press Release

Whether you're writing a news release, a video script the trick is answering a single question your audience is asking. "So what?" This is also know as "why should I care" and is not to be confused with "what's in it for me." And "Why does this matter?"

Remember to ask yourself four questions on a news release:

  1. Do I have “real” news or is my announcement a marketing message better issued through other channels?

  2. What social media elements such as audio, video, photos, links and info graphics can I include to get more interest?

  3. Is my headline and lead paragraph strong enough to get a reporter or editor’s attention?

  4. Have I done everything possible to write an interesting release that delivers news and valuable information, insight or an interesting angle for reporters?

Today, content is more visual than ever -- it makes your role in content creation all the more important. Comms projects require creative briefs, research and storyboarding or scripting before a camera is even picked up.

Goals, strategies, objectives...these all still apply too. Who what when why how. Lose the spin, get to the point.

Big data is a big discussion. But when we're knee deep in numbers, we need creativity more than ever.

Media is sifting through the most shareable content anyone has ever seen, don't forget it still takes some thought to create it.

Answering these four questions will help you write a much more effective news release.

Remember, journalists still find well-targeted news releases with high-quality content useful.

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