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Look North to Canada for a Marketing Opportunity

Canada. The World Next Door? Maybe more. For years, Canada was quietly surpassing the US in education, healthcare, quality of living and standard of living. Once millions of Americans traveled overseas, now you can squeeze the nations Americans can go to on the back of a teabag. Meanwhile, up north, things are quite different. With stronger leadership, political parties and provinces working together the prospects are different. Citizens embraced rules, and worked together for the benefit of the nation, and as a result while US infection rates soared, Canada’s remain manageable.

So, as some nations watch as the world closes its airports to Americans, and wonder what to market to, they look to the World Next Door. Because there the disease remains mostly in check, so Canadians can travel, and the world is open to them. The other side is Canadians have to quarantine for 2 weeks on return.

Having done a lot of work in Canada over the last few years, I find Canada to be a welcoming place of kind people. Their doughnuts are pretty good, and they like a crisp beer. And, as the US is slow to vaccinate and recover, Canada may be the next big travel market to look to.

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