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The new marketing reality: How to get the word out under new circumstances

The approach to marketing has changed. Back in the day a simple newspaper or magazine ad did the trick. But that type of outreach often costs more than one thought because you are paying to reach people you did not want to reach not the ones you did want.

Then came digital ads, like Google ads, that allowed you to target people based on their searches and location.

Then along came Covid, and marketing changed too.

The new fundamentals Covid basically boosted the move from brick and mortar to online. More services moved online, and new services offered delivery to home addresses.

So, what is the new marketing dynamic? Your website went from being somewhat important to being hyper important. So a just okay site won’t cut it anymore. A website has to be easy to find, easy to use, work very well on a phone and has no 404 error codes. And security is so crucial — for if your site goes down, or is held up by ransom-wear, you can lose not only money but customer trust.

So, we suggest a SEO strong website built in a bulletproof platform such as Squarespace. That platform is much more secure than Wordpress, and it lets you add the functional and plugins you need.

But most of all, Squarespace has one of the best blogging platforms out there. It makes it easy to plug, and seamlessly post the content to social media, where it gets shared. Why is this important?

A powerful website runs on search engineering optimization, and that is all about Google. And, Google’s algorithm loves blogs.

Look at it this way — every minute potential customers are typing a question into google that might impact you - or be a lead for you. They don’t know about you, but want what you offer. How do you reach them? Blogging. You write up the answers to their search string, and Google finds your content and shows it to them. But for this magic to work, you have to have the right words, and it should be in a blog format.

This content can be repurposed too: Sent to media, newsletter content.

This built brand puts the focus on your website, and allows you to tell your story. We recently implemented a campaign like this for New Hampshire Legal Assistance the first comprehensive statewide Fair Housing effort to address housing discrimination. In the middle of a pandemic, housing discrimination is not only a huge problem, but doing outreach is far from easy. New Hampshire has an ongoing housing crisis on a variety of levels. From aging rental housing stock, to sparse enforcement, the market was ripe for attention.

We built a powerful website in Squarespace and made it ADA accessible, and available in various languages. We built in a blog to boost SEO, and wrote a series of blogs targeted at the segments we wanted to reach.

We then drafted supporting social media to direct traffic to the website, came up with videos from different communities impacted discrimination, and then launched digital ads.

Our ads were geo-targeted based on the users’ Google profile and their location, meaning that we only reach people who were pre-qualified to act.

Give us a call, we can do the same targeted campaign, that is affordable and has a higher return on investment!

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