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Why brands matter, more now than ever

Updated: Jan 26, 2020

Why do brands matter? A brand is more than a logo, a tagline or a slogan. It is who you are, and what you want to be perceivedas. It is a space in the mind, that you put there, and you own. Your brand will be as good as your ability to connect your mission with your image – and if you don’t create this identity, others will do it for you. From a branding standpoint, an organization has to strive to have everything under control, because everything it does will reflect on the brand – for better or for worse. Every decision should be filtered through the brand’s core principles, so that the messages you are passing on to the people who interact with your brand represent who you truly are. This is because, ultimately, your brand is what people think of when they hear “your name”, rather than just your positioning and promise - which should be in line with your unique selling proposition (USP). In this sense, brands are much more relational than transactional. Because people are more likely to be loyal to your brand if they identify with what it represents, both visually and in terms of mission.

A brand is as good as the relationship it established with its audience. And like any successful relationship, this one is built on trust, commitment and a certain degree of predictability, which translates into security and reliability. Focus and consistency are therefore extremely important aspects of a strong brand, because a brand that wants to be a little of everything will eventually amount to nothing. Having a coherent brand identity will not only make you more memorable, but it will also make you more resilient to change and crisis. This being said, bringing added value and creating will also make your brand stronger and distinct, because they show you are bringing something to the table beyond your product or service. In short, your brand should be a clear representation of whoyou are and whatyou do. It should tell why you matterand why you are relevant, because a solid brand image will make you stand out from your competitors. So keep this in mind when choosing what your organization is doing and saying, and how you’re presenting this information.

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