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How do you manage social media?

Social media…. It can be a real black hole. You pour in posts, time and sweat. And, no one comes. So, how to break through and not get lost?

Each day 350 million+ photos are uploaded to social media, that is 14.5+ million photo uploads an hour, or 244,000 uploads per minute. How do you compete with that?

Start with your base. Be sure colleagues, board members and partner organizations like and comment on you posts. If you can’t get them, then you may be wasting your time.

Next, which platforms are right for you? Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube?

Then, think about audiences, what they care about, and what they will react to: Seek to build relationships, not just hunt for followers.

Next, have goals — what is the aim of your social strategy-how do you measure success?

Then, how often to post? Some recent studies agree that once per day is ok, with a maximum of two posts per day. HubSpot found that pages with fewer than 10,000 likes saw a 50% drop in engagement per post when posted more than once per day. But, at a minimum, post 3 times per week. Create an editorial calendar of content so you have a plan and a roadmap.

Then come up with the right content mix: what is the right mix? We suggest a 50-30-20 mix:

  • 50% is news and issues that will inform and engage.

  • 30% is about you, your news, blog posts, photos and direct posts.

  • 20% is images and video, with a bit of fun mixed in. This graphic and direct communication allows you to focus on mission and be human.

What to avoid on social media? If there is a national or local crisis, pull down preprogrammed posts so you don't look tone deaf. Being up-to-date with trends, and breaking news — and be strategic — not cheeky. But most of all, when you see a negative comment, don’t take them personally — but take a moment and think it through. Be thoughtful in your reply. And have a code of conduct for your page — so if there are issues, you can react and manage.

Lastly, ask why are you on social media in the first place? Most of all, tell a story, invest in powerful images, and find ways to show relevance. Keep focused, automate and use your time in a productive, focused way — and you will find success.


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