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What's next in tourism? Immersion Travel

Immersion Travel

Immersion tourism based on experiences and access to authentic people, places and flavors.

No more cookie cutter packages – or the crowds or big attractions.

Costs, it seems, will go up for travel. With fewer people flying, airlines will need to charge more for flights, to make a profit. So, motivation falls on authentic, real and worthwhile experiences. Not seeing the sights, but experiencing the place, culture, and way of life.

The new traveler wants to meet the locals, and immerse him or herself in a place. They are willing to pay for a more personalized itinerary – and find hidden gems, not the 10 tops sights.

So, a personalized, real experience is the way to market to the new traveler – with access to real and unique experiences. So, for example, a one-on-one visit to a winery, getting see how the wine is made, and being there as a cask is tasted, followed by a wine lunch.

Look for interactions with themes such as, food, wine, cheese, chefs, and farm to table, hiking, sailing, and seeing wildlife. But not in groups, and not in the brochure that everyone sees.

A personalized itinerary built to match the interests of the travelers.

As for luxury it is not the older standard of a big hotel, and a spa, but very personal adventure built on service and making a connection with a way of life or a culture- like seeing the sun go down over the cliffs, and then a hike to a lodge for a unique meal with a local chef.

In fact, the traditional travel media has lost its way. One big magazine recently called Italy its destination of the year, even though Americans can’t get there, and even though Italy is not exactly new. It is a comfort food, and an old classic, but is that what the new traveler wants? No, they want open spaces, big vistas, small tiny hotels and villas – they want a travel concierge who will build them an amazing trip, one that is just for them.

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