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Getting New Hampshire Covered, Again

It was a tough year to promote health insurance through the federal marketplace. The individual mandate was gone, disinformation was everywhere, promotion funds from DC were gone, and the employment market was tight. And, despite these challenges, the Louis Karno team led a campaign to get Granite Staters re-enrolled and came in close tothe 2018 number.

In 2017, our new effort with Granite State Progress got some 50,275 New Hampshire residents enrolled in a plan for 2018 through the Health Insurance Marketplace. In 2018, we got 43,930 enrolled in a short open enrollment period.

We used a new technique to target our key market segments, in partnership with WMUR. Geotargetingin internet marketing is the method of determining the geolocation of a website visitor and delivering different content to that visitor based on their location. We aimed at Facebook/Instagram this year, versus YouTube, and reached the audience we wanted to in the short time frame. But, there were real headwinds, Facebook rejected many of our ads, and we had to appeal and repost ads.

Led by Louis Karno the campaign mixed digital and social media outreach, maximized a small budget and focused on online ads as well as 3 key videos in English, French and Spanish - getting more than 3 million impressions.

Back the fall of 2013, Covering New Hampshire launched its first informational website and began an outreach and marketing campaign with two goals: to provide New Hampshire’s uninsured residents with information about their health insurance options and the subsidies available through the Health Insurance Marketplace; and to help the state reach its federally- set enrollment goals of 19,000 newly insured residents by the end of the Marketplace’s open enrollment period.

When the extended open enrollment period ended on April 15, New Hampshire had more than doubled its goal, enrolling 40,262 people in a new health care plan.

Covering New Hampshire’s constant presence in social media, online and through direct outreach efforts, reversed negative momentum and encouraged NH residents to sign up for a plan.

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