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2022: A Year of Thanks

Every year I pick up a pen and say that it has been a good year. And every year it feels true. But, like anything — you can’t just do the same thing year after year and expect the same result — things change, and so do people. So, in looking back at 2022, I want to express my gratitude: To my clients, team and family. We got a lot done, and I could not have done it without you!!

It was an honor to spend 2022 doing such good work. It was such a proud opportunity to help with the launch of the new Center for Justice and Equity, This initiative will help New Hampshire be a better and more welcoming place through dialog and vision. And, helping CDFA launch its Community Navigator Program, to help get economic tools to a variety of diverse communities in our state was a huge accomplishment. Our work to sign people up for affordable health care coverage, fight the high cost of prescription drugs and support the ACA was very fulfilling.

Our work for New Hampshire was pretty amazing in 2022. We helped NHPR relaunch its marketing efforts, supported the 150th anniversary of the M/S Mount Washington, and pioneered the first Fair Housing outreach initiatives in the state. We supported a groundbreaking effort to end suicide in our state, too. We built websites, for nonprofit legal aid groups, and blogged on dozens of topics. Lastly, we oversaw a major research project for a local bank.

For Portugal, we helped the Alentejo region become one of the most awarded and recognized parts of Europe through our media outreach, seeing recognition in Time, Travel + Leisure and Condé Nast Traveler. American travel to the region reached new heights, and Americans, despite the geographic distance, became the region’s 4th biggest inboard market.

Yes, — this is the agency that gets things done. And we fought for housing, equity, justice and sustainability.


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