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A modern approach to travel marketing - the 5 things you need to know

Travel promotion is not rocket science, but it sure has changed a great deal. I am always amazed by how some destinations seem stuck in the 1970s and others are more forward thinking. Back in the day one size fit all — big modern hotels and sandy beaches were all it took — and toss in some kitsch and a high ball - and the people came.

But today’s travelers are too sophisticated, and travel is too expensive for that. And the new rules have to drive marketing and PR. I mean if you are going to travel then you want a unique hook that you can talk up and look forward to. People want someplace new, off the beaten path – and safe.

From a modern approach to travel marketing and public relations-- here are 5 things you need to know:

  1. Forget one size fits all. That just does not work anymore. Turn to market segments – and use inbound marketing! Talk hiking to hikers, family travel to families, surfing to surfers, urban fun to millennials… Micro targeting has a much higher ROI, and is much more affordable.

  2. Focus on food. Cuisine is the new travel ambassador, as is wine. People love to try local food and wine, so look for growth of food travel programs. People see food as a gateway to culture and local understanding. Make food approachable, and part of the conversation.

  3. Culture is key. People travel to see the sites, visit museums, see ruins, attend performances, and shop local artists. Destinations such as Santa Fe, the Berkshires, and London use culture as a gateway to travel. Culture and the arts define a great destination. And you can’t be one without the arts

  4. Label photos. If I had a dollar for every great photo I see on social media that does not say where it was taken –if you have a great photo- please tell us more about the location.

  5. Blog. The best way to micro market is to use blogs to reach people with the information they are searching for. A blog is great source of SEO – and a powerful inbound marketing tool.

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